The Plan

The Plan

The Plan

For Here, you’ll find the complete Thoughtful Soccer plan for developing soccer players at any level. While this plan works for new coaches working with new players, it’s not “just for beginners.” At any level, you’ll need a Formula for Success, and a Practice Organization that puts this formula to use. Your players must continually improve individually and collectively. Find all the Thoughtful Soccer theories and activities under the section of your choice!!

Formula for Success

IMPROVEMENT equals WHAT your players do times how FREQUENTLY they do it. The individual dimension and teamwork dimension are equally important. Therefore, your players must practice the different individual skills and teamwork skills frequently.


Practice Organization

Practices are divided into two halves, for individual skills and teamwork skills. Several special skill games and scrimmages are then squeezed into each half (the Multiple-Theme Approach), maximizing the Formula for Success. The important WHAT can be practiced FREQUENTLY.

Individual Skills
During the Individual Skill half, these five skill areas are strengthened using quick, high-impact activities. (Passing will be covered in the Teamwork half.) The less strenuous activities are practiced first. Each skill improves dramatically over the course of a season. indskillgraphic

Teamwork Skills
During the Teamwork Skill half, three or four scrimmages strengthen the Possession Part. Special rules get your players thinking together and moving the ball in all directions. As your players gain experience, the other parts can be strengthened as well. tmwrkskillsgraphic