Workshop for a team: For teams of any age or level, from U-Littles to experienced adolescents. The team goes through a Thoughtful Soccer practice adjusted to its playing level and learning needs. The coach learns how the approach works. If your team is near St. Mary’s County, MD, Russ can work with you on an ongoing basis. Each workshop is two hours long.

Workshop for coaches: For coaches who lack soccer backgrounds as well as experienced coaches. The coaches go through a Thoughtful Soccer practice just like the players will, competing at the various skill activities and scrimmages and having a great deal of fun. The quickest, surest way to learn the method. No soccer skill is required, but coaches who can’t compete due to health concerns can learn by watching. One workshop can accommodate between 6 and 30 coaches. The length of one workshop can vary from two hours to a full day.

Practices for a group of players: For six to twenty players within driving distance of St. Mary’s County, MD, with or without your regular coach. During the two hours, you’ll compete at several different skill games and possession-enhancing scrimmages.

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