Thoughtful Soccer: Possession Secrets in Action

A video clip of the St. Mary’s Sweepers competing in a tournament in Hagerstown, MD. It was 8 AM, neither team had quite woken up together, and the Sweepers string together a large number of passes before scoring.

Thoughtful Soccer: Three Types of Dribbling

My son Jesse learned the three types of dribbling primarily by competing at three dribbling games: Run the Gauntlet, Ride the Bronco, and Slalom Course. This video is interesting not only because it shows Jesse defeating multiple opponents off the dribble. It also reflects those three activities and the three types of dribbling they strengthen: dribbling past defenders, dribbling for possession, and dribbling through open space.

Thoughtful Soccer: The Bunch Ball Cure

This video shows how Russ Carrington uses scrimmages with special rules plus coachable moments to implement a possession style of play. The first and only time Russ worked with this particular girls’ team, yet by the end of the session some possession habits were clearly taking hold.