About Russ

russpictureA latecomer to soccer, I began as one of those parent volunteer coaches. I had played a few years in an adult league, and was pressed into coaching my then-seven-year-old son’s team (Jesse, who eventually played at Towson U.).

Like all new soccer players, mine played Bunch Ball. I wanted them to spread out and pass the ball, but how? I didn’t know of any coaching books or courses that might help, so I began inventing. And that’s how Thoughtful Soccer got started.

Over the next eleven years, I continued formulating ideas and practice games. Coaching the St. Mary’s Sweepers, Jesse’s travel team, was a highlight. I also continued playing soccer. From all this activity, Thoughtful Soccer evolved into a complete package.

When Jesse went off to college soccer, I began teaching coaches and teams the Thoughtful Soccer approach. I also began writing the book, which Reedswain published in late 2002. Thoughtful Soccer: the Think-First Approach to Playing and Coaching clearly outlines my coaching method and philosophy.

I’m convinced that Thoughtful Soccer works, and I’m spreading the word in as many ways as possible. In addition to the book and this web site, I offer clinics for coaches and players. I’m also developing Thoughtful Soccer video clips that illustrate the method. My goals include organizing a soccer camp and a soccer club based on the Thoughtful Soccer plan.

Currently, I coach soccer as well as tennis in St. Mary’s County, MD.

Is there a way I might help your team or organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact me. And thanks for visiting!