A cure for Bunch Ball? This article playfully looks at Bunch Ball and explains Thoughtful Soccer’s quick solution.

Better than Keep-Away? An explanation of why Thoughtful Soccer scrimmages are more useful than Keep-Away games when practicing possession. Published in the NSCAA Soccer Journal.

Multiple-Theme Practices? Also published in the NSCAA Soccer Journal, this article compares and contrasts Thoughtful Soccer’s multiple-theme practice with the standard single theme/logical progression practice.

One-Size-Fits-All Practices? A hypothetical discussion with a critic. Learn why the same basic practice organization works with different player levels.

A Triangle-Three Defense? Russ Carrington likes a defense with three in the back, forming a triangle that points toward the ball. Find out about the defense and the controversy it has aroused.

Ten Reasons to Resist Vertical Integration – Top ten reasons to resist vertical integration and why others should too.

Revised Chapter: The System Side of Defense. This chapter now includes no content on the Triangle Three. It teaches new coaches to think critically about defensive systems, and is more supportive of flat back formations.

Revised Chapter: Defensive Systems: a Detailed Example. This is the proposed chapter describing the Triangle Three formation and the responsibility plan Russ uses with it.

Thoughtful Soccer is based on some ideas that aren’t really new or controversial. “Thinking skills are as important as physical skills.” “Possession makes everything easier.” “The more frequently players try something, the faster they improve.”

That which seems different is inevitably attacked. This section is devoted to the controversies that Thoughtful Soccer has aroused. I welcome dissenting opinions, criticisms, and controversies, and I have no interest in convincing you all my ideas are the best. My hope is that, by reviewing these controversies, you’ll become clearer about your own views.

We all probably want soccer that is thoughtful, but we might not agree on what that includes. What does Thoughtful Soccer mean for Russ Carrington? It’s just a term he’s applied to all his soccer beliefs, terminologies, and activities. It would be a shame to cast the entire package aside just because you don’t agree with one concept!