Clinics For Players

Clinics For Players

Clinics for Players

Conducted by Russ Carrington, author of Thoughtful Soccer: the Think-First Approach to Playing and Coaching.

Why Thoughtful Soccer Player Training?

For soccer players who want to reach the highest level, several practices a week with your team might not be enough. Here’s why.

Soccer is a sport of options. The more options you’ve got, the better. Can you shoot a ball that’s flying through the air or rolling on the ground? From different distances and angles? With either foot? Player Training will help you develop all these options and more!

What will the players work on?

Thirteen types of shots, using either foot.

Chipping with either foot


Controlling balls in the air

Dribbling past defenders

Dribbling for possession

Passing and keeping possession in small-sided scrimmages.

Here are the details:

Player Training


From 4-12 players of similar ages and/or skill levels. For elementary school age children, at least one parent or coach must be available to help supervise.


Russ meets with the players at an agreed-upon place and time (after school, evenings, or weekends). The basic Thoughtful Soccer practice is utilized. Player skills are strengthened through the use of High Impact Skill Activities. Possession and teamwork are strengthened through the use of Thoughtful Scrimmages or Mini Scrimmages.


Year round in the Southern Maryland area only (St. Mary’s, Charles, and Calvert Counties) and as Russ’ schedule permits.


$6 per player per session. A minimum of five players must prepay for at least five weekly sessions.

To inquire into Player Training Sessions, please email Russ and include at least one phone number.